CPR was founded on the world’s existential need to improve environmental impact by restructuring and creating new forms of refuse control for the food manufacturing, multi-family and commercial property, movie, aviation, and healthcare industries.

Our Mission

We believe that our true worth has always been in establishing an economically responsible company, to provide gainful careers, education, and opportunities to build a platform for all CPR team members and their families to succeed and grow within their communities.


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We believe CPR is a different kind of company. And we’re not alone. We asked some of our team members and partners to share what they believe about CPR. 

Employee Development

All team members are analyzed, trained, and continuously developed to create a “Farm System” for our partners, across all sites, to readily hire from and add to their team.

To further promote growth, understanding, and a team-oriented environment. We have developed programs within the company that require all our team members to participate in. Our “March A Mile” campaign brings our programs in full circle every March. By asking each team member to buddy-up and switch roles for one day with someone whose job duties are completely opposite to theirs. To allow all our team members grasp what CPR is really all about, and what we strive to accomplish in the near and distant future.

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