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CPR was founded on the world’s existential need to improve the environmental impact. By restructuring existing and creating new forms of refuse control for the food manufacturing, movie, multi-family, and commercial property industries. We believe in establishing an economically responsible company to provide competitive salaries, certified training, and opportunities to build a platform for all CPR team members and their families to succeed and grow within their communities.

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CPR Premier Services

For A Brighter World

At CPR, we specialize in creating specifically designed and controlled systems for every type of food manufacturing facility.

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Food Waste Management

CPR collects recycling waste with first-class systems to assist you with any project. We have the recycling solutions to help get the project done safely and efficiently.

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Recyling Programs

Providing a clean environment for everyone who enters your facilities is the first step to building a strong culture.

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Janitorial Services

Combining our proprietary software to catalog product and our ability provides a specialized approach with high-quality industrial cleaning chemicals using a unique system of delivery into refillable containers to allow for safety and convenience.

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Chemical Management

Our full facility sanitation services provide guaranteed assurance of timely production startup, strict record keeping, on-going training, site-specific health and safety programs.

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Sanitation Services

CPR provides containers outside residents' doors for concierge trash retrieval to increase their revenue & keep their community beautiful.

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Door Step Trash Pick Up

We take responsibility for maximizing the potential of all aspects of maintenance, from management to organization and execution of all site activities for corrective and preventative maintenance.

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Maintenance Services

Our Industries

Breathe New Life

At CPR, we specialize in creating specifically designed and controlled systems, with proven practices and industry certified labor that will immediately show a significant reduction in overall labor and operating costs.